Zippy One-Z: Onesies of your dreams

Zippy One-Z: Onesies of your dreams

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My son is currently 10 months old… For those dads out there that have a 10 month old, they know how difficult diaper changing can be, and that you try not to do it on anything soft, absorbent, or that you don’t want to wash. Simply because we know that as soon as that diaper comes off, that little butt is going to whip around and get their poop, pee and everything in between all over whatever you are changing him on. I imagine it will only get worse with age.

Some of my wife’s friends no longer will use onesies because it is so difficult to get them on and off. We let Blake wear his Zippy One-Z from Sleeping Baby (from the makers of the Zippity-Zip) today and It was so easy to get on and off. When it was time to change him, that was a breeze. Sure, he still thrashed but I  didn’t have to worry about him kicking his pants off when I was trying to put it back on, not him getting his clean clothes all in poop!


Most onesies have snaps at the base. You have to unsnap them up the legs or in the crotch. This isn’t a bad design but with a thrashing baby getting those snaps to close is rough work. While some have legs, and some don’t and those require pants… pants that your child fight and fight to keep from putting back on. The Sleeping Baby Zippy One-Z is super cute, easy to get on and off and is even easier to change a diaper.

The Good:

The onesie is soft and light. It is easy to get on and off, as well as easy to change your child because of the zipper that seals the legs instead of the standard snaps. The zipper is quick and easy to open up in order to get to the diaper or get the onsies on or off. They come in super cute patterns and different materials, and the price of $16 is on par with other brands.

The Bad:

This is a little on the thin side. With spring fast approaching, and summer not far behind, this would be fine, but in the winter some layering would need to be added. Other variants offered fix this issue.


These Zippy One-z’s are great quality, fit, are very cute, and extremely functional. I highly recommend that everyone who changes diapers go out and get at least one and give it a try. These make something that can be as aggrevating as changing a dirty diaper with a thrashing baby into a simple task that is much easier to get through… all thanks to a zipper inseams. Check them out today here.


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