Zohmo iPhone Battery Case Review

Zohmo iPhone Battery Case Review

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I have an iPhone XS, yeah I am a tech junkie, and at the same time I am one of those people who say who needs all of that stuff. Well one thing about the iPhone XS, or the iPhone X is that the battery is not that impressive. Overall, it rather sucks, to be frank. I am not a power user by any stretch of the word, but when I am busy at work and have to use my phone to be in communication with clients and doing research I find that I am pushing 10% life by noon or 1 pm.

That just wont do. To alleviate this issue  I had purchased an external battery pack. That was the size of a deck of cards. It could charge the phone 2 or 3 times before the power bank ran out of juice right, not bad, except, its something extra I have to carry around and battery packs are not light.  

In my line of work, I spend an amazing amount of time on my phone. I use it to do a lot of research for clients, or even log on remotely to their computers to perform troubleshooting. One time I fixed a customers computers while sitting in my car at Dunkin Donuts. Technology can be great. That cost me about 35% battery for my day. 

That can be taxing if I need the additional battery power to get me through my other clients work for the day. 

The battery packs helped but became awkward to carry to client sites. I needed something a little more covert.

Then I heard about Apple’s iPhone Battery Case I thought it was an interesting idea, especially because it meant that the manufacturer was admitting that there may be an issue with their products battery life. We also saw that the product price point was outrageously on par with other apple devices. That was when I found the Zohmo Battery Case.

At a price point that was not highway robbery, and a design that was functional Zohmo has created an iPhone XS battery case that works. They also have a model to support the iPhone XS Max. You can find the iPhone XS Battery Case here.

A Battery In The Case

What an interesting idea this could be. It solves a couple of problems. First, the issue with the phones battery life. The battery doesn’t last under above average use beyond normal calls and when the screen remains on for extended periods of time, like utilizing GPS or other built in functionality. It also solves trying to charge the phone on the go without the need for additional cables and boxes hooked to your device. If you are making multiple stops, and don’t have access to a charger to remain plugged in to, your phone will not charge fast enough to be useful and when you rely on that phone for business purposes that can be your paycheck and livelihood. Having the ability to charge the phone on the go ad hoc without those cables or restriction is a wonderful thing. 

Zohmo inside the box iphone battery case Charger

What's in the box?

Zohmo has done a good job with the packaging of their product. It was secure and well protected. It shipped fast and had clear instruction on how to install and even had the warning label displayed in the photo to the left, which is very important! Slide the phone in and out, DO NOT LIFT IT! It will break the lightning port! 

Also in the box was a charging cable, a car mount, an instruction book, and a couple of other items that I haven’t quite figured out what they are yet.

The car mount is a magnetic one that hooks onto the air vent which wont work on my truck, but it holds the phone with the case very well. 

The case is magnetic and designed to work with their mount. But also has a few extra metal plates to be used with other cases that are not magnetic which is a nice touch from the company. So if you decide that you don’t want to use the battery case, you are still able to use the car mount without issue. There is a Metal Plate that goes inside your normal case and one that sticks to the back of your case. Both work very well.

A Few Days In The Dadlife

As we all know, technology can be a great thing, but it also can make our lives absolutely miserable. When I got my iPhone I was excited. Then that quickly went away when I realized that the battery was not that great. It was okay, but not what I was expecting. The first thing I noticed that the packaging was great. Nicely done there! In addition the instructions were well outline and written. They were easy to follow, though for a phone case they really shouldn’t be that hard. It is important to note, as we did above that there is a certain way to put on and take off the case that does not damage the lightning port on the iPhone! 

I took the case out of the box and immediately noticed two things. It was heavy, and thick. That’s because it’s holding a battery! I pulled the other goodies out of there, charged the case up and went to town on it. Have tested it out for about two weeks before writing this to get a full feeling of what it is like to use this item on a daily basis. There are some things I really like, and others I don’t like so much that are worth mentioning. So here they are: 

First off: The Size.

You likely bought your iPhone partially for its slim body, unless you bought an Otterbox Defender or a Lifeproof Case then you still care about the size of the phone in your pocket. The photos below show you how big this case is. Don’t let that discourage you from purchasing the case, it is just a face that needs to be out there. Hidden in the case is a 3000+ mAh battery that is able to completely recharge your iPhone at least 1 full charge, and maybe a bit more if you’re not using it while your charging. 

Second: The Power

The case was not noticeable really once I got it on and had used it for a day or two. I had gotten down to about 5% at work around 1 pm doing some research for a client and was afraid I was going to run out of battery, and remembered that I had the case. I powered it on using the power button on the back of the case and it began charging. Juiced right back up to full and I didn’t have to worry about it. I did notice, that the power pack did not turn off automatically, so I had to power it off when it reached 100%. 

Third: Wireless Charging/NFC (Apple Pay)

Wireless Charging on the iPhone is terrible, lets call it what it is people. It is slow as anything. But for those of you who use it, this may not be the case for you right now. Wireless charging with the battery case doesn’t work. The Car mount plates may work depending on where you place the plates.

Apple pay does work fine with the case. I have verified this several time with the case both powered on and off. There is no interference at all. So no worries there.  

Fourth: Torture

I do not Torture test my devices, simply because I pay for them out of my pocket and I was not going to drop my iPhone to see how well this case protected it. But in the photo to the right, you can see some wear in the two weeks of use. I did not go easy on it. It held up pretty well. 

This was a great case to keep me running through the day and allow me to have a double charge on my phone. Especially on long travel days, or when utilizing heavy multimedia and GPS functionality. The Zohmo Battery Case gave me an extra tool in my pocket to get my job done when I needed to. 

Ultimately if you are in need of an extra power supply and don’t want to carry around a battery pack and cables to charge your gear with. Consider a Zohmo Battery Case. You can get a discount by using promo code AWESOMEDADGEAR or heading to https://dealspotr.com/getcode/X5BwA


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