Being a father has changed my life, in ways that I never thought was possible. The sense of taking care of my family was present from the moment I got married, however, having my son amplified the idea one hundred fold. It was no longer only a desire, but a requirement. I have to succeed for my family to survive. That is how this blog got started… On our journey through parenthood, there are some things that simply make being a Father easier, more enjoyable and allow us to maintain our sanity. I am simply reporting my ideas, feelings, and findings of the various products that help me do protect, lift up, and provide for my family. As well as preserve both my wife and my sanity while helping my son grow into a good man. Here you will find an honest opinion about the products, places, and whatever else I feel that dads everywhere could use to help them in this quest called fatherhood.  Be sure to check out some of our other pages: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. I have found that there is some awesome stuff out there that is geared toward dads. Though sometimes we don’t have much feedback as to how they stand up against the test of time. It is my mission to bring to you some awesome products for dad to make his experience with the kids easier and more enjoyable.


Note: As a note some items I review are received in return for a review, however all reviews are 100% honest. Most items have been purchased at full price.